What Do You Need an Opinion On Today?

Is Democ a Media Company? A lot has been written about Facebook’s late to the game embrace of their role as a media company and substitute for traditional news. Democ will embrace this role early and aggressively.

Why do people read the news? For one thing, they want to know the topics they need to have an opinion on. They don’t want to be caught uninformed when discussing an issue. Having an opinion also allows them to take action to course correct if this new information changes something in their life.

Democ in a way is like a newsreader, but organized with each “story” summed up as a voting topic. Each day the issues at the top of your feed show the things you most need to have an opinion on that day– at work, in your city, in your country, etc. Tapping any issue will connect you to commentary and links about that issue, to help you make an informed decision.

The algorithm we use to determine which issues to show, and in what order, takes into account multiple factors to make sure you’re using your “news” time as efficiently as possible. Start with the most important topic on which you need to form an opinion, and work your way down.

The experience for a user should be: “what do you need an opinion on today?” That makes Democ a media company, although we are a technology company first.

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